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Sourcing Product Buyer Name Date
buy T/R fabric Mam Grup Dis Ticaret A.s. 2021-01-25
buy printed cotton f Fantazi Yorgan 2021-01-21
buy Denim Fabric Rathode International Business Services 2021-01-21
buy Bamboo Fabric Elite Express 2021-01-18
Buy cotton fabric Cv. Prima Delta Kencana 2021-01-18
Buy polyester fabric Specialized Bitumen Solutions 2021-01-18
BUY DENIM FABRIC B2b Global Trading 2021-01-18
Buy Knitted Fabric The Best 2021-01-18
BUY VELVET FABRICS Nitika Enterprise 2021-01-11
Buy Cotton Fabrics Mahan Sourcing 2021-01-11
BUY POLYESTER FABRIC World Link Trading Est. 2021-01-07
buy Car Seat Fabrics Falizran Iran 2021-01-07
buy flannel fabric Imatex Bangladesh 2021-01-07
buy polar fleece Meca International 2021-01-07
buy flame-retardand Wester Co.,ltd 2021-01-04
buy knitted fabric Kishore Hosiery Works 2021-01-04
buy Jute Hessian Clo Abir International 2020-12-31
BUY KNIT COTTON FABR Jgb Personal Protective Equipment 2020-12-28
BUY DENIM FABRIC B2b Global Trading 2020-12-24
buy denim fabrics Insung Impex Ltd. 2020-12-21
buy tricot fabric Gondal Knitting 2020-12-21
BUY VISCOSE FABRIC Traderslink Int'l Co. Ltd 2020-12-21
buy Polyester tricot Unitexx Ltd. 2020-12-17
buy shirt fabric Terryland Sa 2020-12-17
BUY T/R KNITTING FAB Diffusion Textile International 2020-12-17
buy Knitted Fabric The Best 2020-12-17
buy T/C fabric Om Shiv Impex 2020-12-14
buy Polyester fabric Pantex Inc. 2020-12-14
buy Cotton Yarn Dyed Idc Ltd. 2020-12-14
buy TR fabric Trizalo S.a. De C.v. 2020-12-10
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