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Sourcing Product Buyer Name Date
chenille machines Khawaja Woollen Mills (pvt.) Limited 2017-11-06
Industrial high spee Johnson Lilian 2017-06-06
PE TARPAULIN MAKING Jatin Ghedia 2017-05-26
woven rapier broadlo Thomaskeinenterpricse In'i Ltd 2017-05-23
Nonwoven fabric auto Niamsh Co. 2017-04-24
chicken feather peel Cloetelouisincorporated 2017-04-12
Synthetic material a Carlos 2017-02-22
Graduation Tassel Ma Schevratex Yarns 2017-01-18
Spinning Mills Machi Yue Fung Group / Hickman Int’l 2017-01-16
Rockwool mat/blanket Dannabayev 2016-09-21
embroidery 3D iron o Raven Clothing Co 2016-09-12
rug making machines Alpha Engineering And Project Management 2016-08-26
Nonwoven Machine Pugalia Woollen Mills P. Ltd 2016-06-02
spandex feeder machi Khawaja Woollen Mills (pvt.) Limited 2016-04-14
KC160-B Rubber Threa Nortek Inc 2015-11-24
2200MM PP spunbond n Nortek Inc 2015-11-24
High precision polye Fehimex 2015-11-24
Dryer for Cocopeat a Cap Inde Coirs Private Limited 2015-11-12
rubber latex thread Md. Abu Noman 2015-09-18
bed sheet and quilt Galaxie International Development 2015-09-15
sewing thread windin Ceylon Trade Co 2015-09-09
Nonwoven fabric mach Md. Abu Noman 2015-07-08
PVC Cushion MAT Mach Rishit Seth 2015-07-02
Need leather laser c Leather Network 2015-06-26
Rapier weaving looms Micro Chip Techno 2015-06-09
Terry towel wamatex Sabri Textiles 2015-04-13
Table cloth folding Almodul Tech 2015-04-07
spinning machines Paul Internationa 2015-03-11
Tarpaulin printing m Ams Technologies Co Ltd. 2015-01-14
textima carpet looms Reza-agency 2014-09-22
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