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buy Denim Cotton Yarn

buy Denim Cotton Yarn
Date Posted:2019-11-27 08:58:56
Expiration Date:long
Note: Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Ton We need denim yarn waste as per following specifications
The following are the details.
1.Denim Cotton Yarn Waste
2.Colours - Blue,Black Blueblack & Natural White
3.Both soft and hard ( starch ) yarns
4.Counts - 7s 8s 9s 10s
5.Minimum length 10metre. Max length 50, 100,200 metres
6. All length yarns must be used for rope making.
7.No short yarns, cuttings, cloth rags, wet yarns any other waste etc.
8. In the long yarn no solofen tape or brown paper pasted, no joints.
9.Current lot only. Old stock can not be used for making rope.
10.We are purchasing the same from Thailand & Dubai
11 Monthly requirement 2 x 40" contr - 50 tons
Please let me know the following details
1.Rate / kg CNF mumbai
2.Qty available / month
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