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  • Zhejiang Haiyan Sanhuan Spun Silk Co., Ltd.

    Our "shenghuan" brand silk sliver(top) and spun silk yarns enjoy a good reputation on the domestic market as well as in Europe and Japan. Among them, the extra-grade/best quality silk silver(top), blended spun silk yarns, over twi

    Our "Yimengxue" brand products, namely rabbit hair , Rabbit down, woolen silk yarns, oak silk, cashmere wool etc. are sold and well-received not only in China, but also in 40 other counties and regions.
  • Tongxiang Puyuan Silk Co.,Ltd.

    Our company is specialized in producing high quality silk ball, silk slivers and spun silk etc.. With 10,000 spindles, our company can produce over 500t various kinds of silk balls, silk slivers and spun silk. With a production va
  • Sichuan Antai Silk Group Co.,Ltd.

    We are mainly engaged in the manufacturing, process, sales and exportation of silk and silk products, the production of silkworm & mulberry and silkworm egg, the purchase of fresh silkworm cocoon and dried silkworm cocoon, the sal

    Since beginning the business as a silk fabrics manufacturing company in 1974, our company has have a good reputation here.
  • Hangzhou Shanglu Silk C.,Ltd

    lts main products ars "ShangLu" raw silk,spun silk,chemical fiber and knitting wear etc.
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