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State cotton reserves sales for May 15, 2018

2018-05-16 08:43:14 CCFGroup

On May 15, CNCRC planned to auction 30,000.795 tons of cotton while the actual trading volume was 18,790.78 tons, including 9,156.63 tons of upcountry cotton and 9,634.15 tons of Xinjiang cotton. Target was 62.63% fulfilled. The trading prices were averaged at 14,443yuan/mt (down 7yuan/mt from the prior day) and calculated 3128 cotton prices scored at 15,686yuan/mt (down 15yuan/mt from the prior day).

By May 15, CNCRC plans to sell 1.35 million tons in total, and the actual traded volumes are 744kt, with trading proportion of 55%. Highest trading price scores at 16,310yuan/mt and the lowest price at 12,700yuan/mt.

Upcountry cotton was traded 9,156.63 tons, with trading proportion of 45%, average trading price at 13,958yuan/mt, highest price at 14,760yuan/mt and lowest price at 13,160yuan/mt;

Xinjiang cotton was traded 9,634.15 tons, with trading proportion of 100%, average trading price at 14,903yuan/mt, highest price at 16,030yuan/mt and lowest price at 14,310yuan/mt;

Weekly trading volumes and prices
Date Planned volumes Traded volumes Traded ratio Average price Calculated 3128 price
2018-5-14 30003.803 18223.989 60.74% 14450 15701
2018-5-15 30000.795 18790.78 62.63% 14443 15686
Total 60004.598 37014.769 61.69%