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Vortex-spun polyester yarn stands out on overall dull market

2020-09-03 08:50:55 CCFGroup

Recently, vortex-spun rayon yarn won much market attention due to a surge of nearly 1,000yuan/mt within one week. Boosted by this, vortex-spun polyester yarn was sold better, and the price moved up accordingly.

Compared with vortex-spun rayon yarn, vortex-spun polyester yarn gained less increase. Rayon yarn previously stayed at a loss and the price spread with raw material was only 2,500-2,800yuan/mt, while price spread between polyester yarn and its raw material maintained over 4,000yuan/mt on the whole. On the other hand, the quick rise of rayon yarn mainly benefitted from intensive restocking from overseas markets represented by Brazil and India and traders’ stocking up for speculation. With the surge of rayon yarn orders, some vortex-spun yarn mills transferred a part of polyester yarn production into rayon yarn, leading to reduction of vortex-spun polyester yarn production and price rise.

At present, vortex-spun yarn market was dominated by rayon yarn, and polyester yarn did not take up much.

Despite small market share, profits and sales of vortex-spun polyester yarn performed much better than ring-spun one. Like 30S, price of vortex-spun one was about 1,000yuan/mt higher than that of ring-spun one, but the cost including depreciation and financial costs of both were similar at about 4,000yuan/mt.

Current explosive growth of vortex-spun rayon yarn recalled the trend of ring-spun polyester yarn in early Aug to mind. At that time, ring-spun polyester yarn was undersold and T32S was partly revised down to 8,800-9,000yuan/mt. Then under bottom fishing from traders and overseas markets, trading volume of polyester yarn increased and the price moved up to 9,300-9,500yuan/mt quickly. As the price increased, downstream plants stayed on the sidelines successively and the market entered consumption period. At present, vortex-spun rayon yarn stays rangebound at high level, but marketers hold bullish attitude to Sep market. Vortex-spun polyester yarn, however, is expected to climb up further due to small increase at present.