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Huafon to change name into "Huafon Chemical" from "Huafon Spandex"

2020-11-20 08:34:55 CCFGroup

Huafonn Spandex (002064.SZ) recently issued an announcement, in order to meet the company’s business and business development needs, reflect the company’s strategic positioning and development layout, fully match the company’s main business, and coordinate the company’s image and brand. It plans to change the company’s name and business scope. It will revise the relevant content of the "Articles of Association". The new company name and business scope will more clearly clarify the company's strategic positioning to build a leading polyurethane product material company, and reflect the company's future development direction and strategic planning.

Original company name: 浙江华峰氨纶股份有限公司 (English name: Zhejiang Huafon Spandex Co., Ltd.), plans to change into 华峰化学股份有限公司 (English name: Huafon Chemical Co., Ltd.); The abbreviation of its securities plans to change into “Huafon Chemical” from “Huafon Spandex”, and its stock code sustains at 002064.

Original business scope: Processing, manufacturing, selling and technologically developing spandex products (operating with a license for licenses), as well as agent for the import and export of spandex related equipment and products. It will change into: Production, research and development, and sales of fine chemicals such as spandex and polyurethane resin; production, research and development and sales of chemical products such as adipic acid (excluding hazardous chemicals); import and export of goods and technology (items subject to approval according to law. Business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments).