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RGE lays the foundation stone for Rugao Industrial Park

2021-04-02 08:15:21 CCFGroup

On the morning of March 31, RGE Group laid the foundation stone for its industrial park in Changjiang Town, Rugao City.

RGE (Rugao) Industrial Park is RGE Group's largest comprehensive project in a single city and a single province in China with a total planned investment of 41 billion yuan. With total assets of more than $20 billion USD, RGE Group has more than 60,000 employees worldwide. The business covers forest pulp and paper, palm oil, specialty cellulose and energy development, etc. It manages a number of world-leading manufacturers and clean energy companies based on renewable resource development.

Projects of RGE (Rugao) Industrial Park
White cardboard
Registered as "Asia Symbol (Jiangsu) Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd" is constructed by ASIA SYMBOL RIZHAO PTE.LTD, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan. The total investment of phase I project-1 million tons of high-grade white cardboard (no pulping) is 6.48 billion yuan.

The project adopts the most advanced technology and equipment in the world, outsourcing pulp and no pulping. All waste water is treated and reused without being discharged. The clean production has reached the international and domestic advanced level. The company strives to build a national and even international first-class green, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly base with clean production and intelligent manufacturing, in order to promote the development of upstream and downstream industries such as transportation, building materials, machinery, packaging, and printing locally, also increase employment opportunities, and greatly promote the high-quality development of the regional economy and society.

Lyocell fiber
Registered as "Sateri (Nantong) Fiber Co., Ltd" is constructed by Hong Kong Sateri (China) Investment Co., Ltd, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan. The total investment of the phase I project-200kt of solvent-spun cellulose fiber is 4 billion yuan.

The solvent-spun cellulose fiber belongs to national industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue and an industry that encourages foreign investment. With high technology, high quality, low pollution, good profits, and promising market prospects, it will help seize the strategic commanding heights of the future development and new growth points for chemical fiber industry. It will shake and affect the future of the entire fashion industry and promote high-quality economic and social development in the region.