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Sinochem International's nylon 66-HMDA project completes "intermediate handover"

2022-05-06 13:46:21 CCFGroup



On April 6, Sinochem International Corporation announced the completion of "intermediate handover"  for the Nylon 66-HMDA project, invested by Sinochem and constructed by Ruitai Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of Yangnong Chemical Group). The project is about to enter the commissioning stage


The project is designed of an annual output of 40,000 tons of nylon 66 polymer and 25,000 tons of intermediate hexamethylene diamine (HMDA), with a total investment of 978 million yuan  (around 148 million USD). It is about to enter the commissioning stage, and is expected to achieve steady production by June 2022.


The project is based on innovative production technology and will effectively break through the "short board" in nylon 66 and its key intermediates supply in China. It is expected to provide high-quality nylon 66 materials and key intermediate hexamethylene diamine for the Chinese market, and improve the controlling capability and security of supply of nylon 66 industrial chain in Chinese market.


Nylon 66 has a bright market prospect in China. After the project is put into production and effective, it is expected to achieve an annual sales income of 886 million yuan (around 134 million USD), which will bring new growth points for the company.




According to a market source, the new nylon 66 project uses the caprolactam (CPL) to produce hexamethylene diamine (HMDA). After the plant is put into operation, the consumption of caprolactam will be increased, and the circulation of caprolactam in Northwest China to North and East China will be reduced to a certain extent.