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Changhong Polymer commences 120KTA biodegradable PBAT plant

2022-08-16 08:30:14 CCFGroup

On August 8, 2022, Zhejiang Changhong Biomaterials Co., Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of Ningbo Changhong Polymer Scientific & Technical Inc., successfully started up the 120kt/year PBAT integrated plants in one go, and yielded PBAT, PBAT modified products and biodegradable plastic products.


The quality of the PBAT products has exceeded the national standard GB/T 32366-2015 in all indexes and has reached the standard of superior products. The PBAT modified products are even better than similar products. The degradable product bags produced are white, smooth, with excellent stretchability, and good sealing strength, which are highly recognized by downstream customers.


From PBAT products, to PBAT modified products, to biodegradable plastic bag production, the whole process is reasonable, and effectively reduces the cost of each processing link.




Project review

Changhong Polymer decided to invest 5 billion yuan to build 600,000 tons/year of PBAT/PBS/PBT switchable production project in an all-biodegradable thermoplastic industrial park, which was approved by the shareholders at the extraordinary general meeting on October 27 2021. 


The project is divided into two phases, each phase is 300,000 tons/year, and the total construction period is 5 years.


In the first phase, 120kt/year production line will be built first, and the secondary part of 250kt/year is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2022 or early February 2023.


At present, the first phase (300kt/year) of the 600kt/year biodegradable materials industrial park of Changhong Biomaterials has entered secondary construction.