Suppliers Shandong Tongda Group Model FA502 Series Ring Spinning Frames
Details for China Model FA502 Series Ring Spinning Frames

Model FA502 Series Ring Spinning Frames

Model FA502 Series Ring Spinning Frames
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Textile Machinery >> Spinning equipment >> self-acting mules

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The FA502 series ring spinning frames are suitable for spinning of cotton or polyester/cotton or man-made fiber below 51mm, 65mm,or 80 mm and their blends,has reliable running and good performance of spinning,6-120Ne of yarn spun are most fuitable for spinning, can be disposed of by first-class special parts,such as SKF draft parts, including spring,pneumatic creel, model"V" surface, curve etc.,Rolling system can be used by automatic lifting mechanism on the condition that no ratchet wheels are changed,then ensures the formation of cops, the timing belt, triangle belt and flat belt can be used in main shaft running at customers’ option.In addition, it can be used in PLC control and overhead cleaner and device.

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