Suppliers Shandong Tongda Group Model FA506 cotton spinning frame
Details for China Model FA506 cotton spinning frame

Model FA506 cotton spinning frame

Model FA506 cotton spinning frame
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Textile Machinery >> Spinning equipment >> self-acting mules

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Product Detail
  • Place of Origin: Shandong
Detailed Product Description

The kind of machine is suitable for processing of cotton, synthetic fibers or their blends.

  • The headstock driving system:The main shaft and headstock running together so as to deduce the noises, all the wheels have same molars, hole diameter and width,equipped with oil bath device,can fully lubricate the gears automactically.
  • Draft system:can be hold yarn from the front and back together,and well equipped with SKF draft system made at home and abroad(spring,pneumatic creel,model"V" surface,etc.)
  • Rolling system:automatic lifting mechanism,no ratchet wheels are needed to change,but can keep good formation effect.
  • Frame,narrow machine,big use efficiency in space.
  • The end of machine:main shaft driving system,trangle belt,flat belt and timing belt can be used at customer's option.
  • Electric control:spinning process is controlled by PLC.Users can also choose the inverter to set the change curve according to spinning requirements,and display all the parameters by displanyer.
  • Special parts:the first-class at home and abroad,such as SKF draft pats,etc.
  • Blowing and suction clearer:flat rotation,good dusting results.
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