Suppliers China Personalilzed Drawstring Bags Manufacturer printed drawstring bags custom printed drawstring backpacks
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printed drawstring bags custom printed drawstring backpacks

printed drawstring bags custom printed drawstring backpacks
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MOQ: 5000
FOB price: 0.25
Port: ningbo
Payment Terms: T/T
Packing: 300
Delivery Time: 20
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Degradable plastic varieties. As we are now called ordinary reusable shopping bags woven shopping bags, polypropylene fiber is made ??by a special process 
Made, essentially polypropylene (PP) is a typical varieties of plastic, are also plastic, non-woven bag itself can be used repeatedly! Polypropylene 
Ene molecular structure in the natural environment can be easy to break down! Reusable shopping bags first thing to consider is cost, raw material price rises now 
Relatively large, causing some pressure to the enterprise, the additional cost in the production process is much higher than the plastic. After molding, but also consider 
Printed bags appearance design. These costs will inevitably be applied to consumers, the impact of widespread use of non-woven bags, so companies in the production of over 
Process to consider how vigorously to reduce costs. Followed by a strong issue. Oxford bags of different materials produce strong non-woven bags are different, and 
What kind of material do much strong bags to be qualified is no uniform standard. Zhu Min Ru revealed that at present China Textiles Association 
Council is working to develop a number of related standards soon be introduced. Recommendation: Frosted pvc bag cfdbz / products-detail.asp? 
cpid = 101 product recommendation: transparent pvc bag cfdbz / products-detail.asp cpid = 163? 

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