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  • Needle machine


  • Non-woven machine


  • Polyester wadding equipment


  • TLD-BGC broad width needle geotechnical cloth combination

    Main specification Machine width: 4600mm, 5600mm, 6600mm, 8600mm Net width: 4200mm, 5200mm, 6200mm, 8200mm Specification: 100~600g/m2 Production capacity: (300/m2 standard)280kg/h Stroke frequency: 800-1000n/min  

  • TL-BGC polyester felt production line

      Acupuncture part Basic width: 2500mm, 4800mm Net width: 2200mm, 4400mm Specification: 100-260g/m2 Production capacity: 80-150kg/h Tot

  • TL-BGF hot rolling non-woven cloth production line

    Uses This product can be used in garment lining, disposable hygienic material, cable insulation, floor cloth, etc. Main specification Machine width: 1400mm, 2200mm, 2500mm Net width: 1200mm, 2000mm, 2250mm Specification: 16-1500g/m2 Producti

  • Quilt production line

    Uses Bedclothes, pillow, bedding article, etc. Features of production line Small floor area, short technological process, simple operation, each hour can produce 60 quilts, 200 pairs of pillows, and 100kg/h filler for bedding articles. Raw m

  • TLK-C needle apron type bale opener

    Uses Quantitative feeding of opening. Main specification Machine width: 1120mm, 1420mm Output: 15~120kg/h 15~150kg/h  

  • TLK opener

    Uses High efficiency, good quality. Main specification Machine width: 900mm, 1300mm Output: 30~150kg/h 30~250kg/h Total power: 7kw 9.2kw Structural style I type-pre-opening cotton adopts trough type roller.  

  • TLK-1 leftover material opener

    Use and characteristics To recycle offcut of nonwoven cloth. Main specification Machine width: 450mm Output: 30~85kg/h  

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