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Details for China 1511 shuttle loom and spare parts

1511 shuttle loom and spare parts

1511 shuttle loom and spare parts
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FOB price: 555
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: T/T
Production Capacity: 500set/month
Packing: wood box
Delivery Time: 30days
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Product Detail
  • Model: 44",56",52",54"
  • Brand: XD
  • Processing customized: Yes
  • Function: weaving machine
  • Species: Loom accessory
  • Texture: HT15-33
  • Color: green
Detailed Product Description

 Multi arm tap fittings |1511 shuttle loom and spare parts| weaving machine |1511 loom | textile machinery | textile equipment, Xinxiang City Xin of Textile Accessories Co., Ltd. Main 1511, 1515 and GA615 loom accessories and equipment, provide multi arm tap fittings, multi loom parts, textile machinery parts, textile accessories, spinning weaving ceramic, polymer parts, textile equipment, textile, leather, wood, spool, contains 44 inches, 56 inch, 75 inch width loom, crust, apron, playing shuttle rod and weaving auxiliary machinery accessories, run the second-hand weaving machinery and equipment transfers. The pursuit of single-minded! Professional achievements!

Type 1511m loom is mainly used for plain weave weaving cotton and blended fabrics, including adding various twill or dobby dobby device, can be woven twill or organization more complex fabric.
Two, technical characteristics
1, under the condition of no parking signs automatic shuttle changing.
2, to the left and right hand car car. (with the left hand to open the machine for the left car)
3, wear reed width of 105 cm (nominal reed 44 inches) and 110 cm (reed nominal amplitude 46 inches), 120 cm (reed nominal amplitude 50 inches), 125 cm (nominal reed width 52 inches).
4, Qu Bingzhou (bend) speed of 180~220 RPM (105~110 cm loom), 170~210 RPM (120-125 cm loom).
5, the most wide beam disc space 1074mm (44 inches loom), 1125mm (46 inch loom), 1226mm (50 inch loom), 1277mm (52 inches loom).
6, full cloth roller diameter 222mm
7, the motor speed is 960 rpm.
8, FO53-6 type motor, power of 0.8 kW (the motor of the loom with 0.8KW mostly)
9, machine size: 2336mm (44 inch wide loom), 2387mm (46 inch loom), 2488mm (50 inch loom), 2539mm (52 Inch loom); depth: 1428mm; height: 1295mm.
10, the machine weighs about 830KG (44 inch loom), 840KG (46 inch loom), 860KG (50 inch loom), 880KG (52 Inch loom). (not including motor, plain tappet loom).
11, single motor drive belt drive. A1700
12, sent by the mechanism type semi positive negative semi automatic warp.
13, breaking through the menopause menopause type mechanical parking device.
14, the opening mechanism inside the roller on the foot disc type harness opening.
15, the picking mechanism type underpick.
16, type of crank mechanism.
17, the warp tour reed type protection device.
18, seven types of winding mechanism of intermittent gear.
19, weft stop device type weft cam control type side fork.
Automatic shuttle changing type 20 and weft supply device.
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