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ABB 3BHB003154R0101 // Email:

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Keyword: ABB 3BHB003154R0101,3BHB003154R0101
Uses: PLC Module
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MOQ: 1 Metric Tons
FOB price: Inquiry
Payment Terms: D/P
Production Capacity: 600
Packing: New carton packaging
Delivery Time: 3 days
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Product Detail
  • Composition: ABB
  • Type: PLC module
  • Use: PLC Module
  • Specification: 3BHB003154R0101
Detailed Product Description


With the changing needs of the industry, we optimize our inventory according to the application needs of our customers. Our value is to develop and deliver products that improve process and business efficiency.





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Packaging: Original packaging


Lead Time : In Stock

Warranty: one year

Payment term: T/T



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Amikon Automation Limited:


Our service is more abundant.


Excellent service runs through every process of our operation. In addition, we also pay a lot of money to attract global talents and exclusive technology to provide customers with more high-quality services.



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