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  • Nucleotide resin for purification

      Nucleotides, and those of purine bases or pyrimidine base, RNA or DNA and phosphate compound composed of three kinds of material. Also known as nucleotide. Nucleotide and desalting of amphoteric compounds, containing can form the bases of pos

  • Immobilized lipase carrier

     Lipase is a kind of biocatalyst, is widely used in food processing, oil and the pharmaceutical industry and its ecological environment monitoring. But the lipase is water soluble, difficult to recycle reusable, powder scattered lipase in organi

  • Lindera aggregata leaves Flavonoid extract resin

     Lindera aggregata leaves are the dried leaves of piperaceae, which have the functions of detumescence and analgesia, treating abdominal distension, frequent urination,  bruising and scald. Suzhou bojie resin science and technology co., LT

  • Alsophila spinulosa Total flavonoid extraction resin

     The stem of the alsophila has the effect of removing phlegm and dehumidification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing away heat and relieving cough. The flavonoids of eucalyptus leaves have anti-tumor activity, and h

  • Tartary buckwheat flavone extract resin

     Tartary buckwheat is one of the special crops in China. It contains various active ingredients of tartary buckwheat. Its main component is rutin. The content of rutin accounts for 70%-80% of total flavonoids. These active ingredients prevent ca

  • Red clover flavonoid extract resin

     Red clover is a perennial herb of the family Leguminosae, and its extract has anti-tumor, treatment of gastric ulcer, gastric cancer and osteoporosis. The main active ingredient is an isoflavone compound, and its extract is widely used in healt

  • Areca polyphenol extract resin

     Betel nut is the seed of the betel nut of the palm family, and the betel nut polyphenol is the main active ingredient of betel nut, which has anti-oxidation, antibacterial and anti-aging effects. The polyphenol extraction macroporous adsorptio

  • Collybia albuminosa saponin Extraction resin

    Collybia albuminosa is rich in nutrients. The bacterium has valuable medicinal value, can promote the body's immune function, lower blood fat, and is safe and feasible for long-term use in lowering blood fat. The saponin macroporous adsorption resin

  • Agrimonia eupatoria  total flavonoids Extraction Resin

     Agrimonia eupatoria, also known as Western Dragon Bud, is produced in the United States, Canada and Europe, and has been introduced throughout China. It has the effects of converging hemostasis, stopping phlegm and killing insects. It is widely

  • Naringin flavone extract resin

      The naringin separation and purification resin provided by Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co., Ltd. has the advantages of good selectivity, large adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, convenient regeneration and easy desorption, and i

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