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Details for China TC(Polyester cotton ) Workwear/Uniform Fabric

TC(Polyester cotton ) Workwear/Uniform Fabric

TC(Polyester cotton ) Workwear/Uniform Fabric
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TC(Polyester cotton ) Workwear/Uniform Fabric

Polyester Cotton Fabric Description

The TC polyester cotton blend woven fabric in twill with variety of physical properties which is good in making the industrial workwear, coverall, work suit, overall, farmer clothing, mechanical outwear, fireman clothes, etc.

TC fabric combines the advantages of cotton and polyester. It has high strength, good fabric elasticity, but firmness and low moisture absorption.

Polyester-cotton refers to a polyester-cotton blended fabric, with polyester as the main component, a textile woven with 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton blended yarn. Polyester-cotton cloth is commonly known as cotton. The characteristics not only highlight the style of polyester but also have the strengths of cotton fabric. It has good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, low shrinkage, and has the characteristics of tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick-drying. Disadvantages of polyester-cotton: the polyester fiber in polyester-cotton is a hydrophobic fiber. It has a strong affinity for oil stains and is easy to absorb oil stains. It is also easy to generate static electricity during wearing and absorb dust. It is difficult to wash, and it cannot be ironed at high temperature or soaked in boiling water. . Classification Customers who often buy shirts know that the fabrics of many shirts are marked with polyester or cotton. "Polyester cotton" and "cotton polyester", the order of the two words is changed into two different fabrics.

Polyester-cotton fabric means that the composition of polyester is more than 60%, and the composition of cotton is less than 40%; "cotton-poly" is just the opposite, meaning that the composition of cotton is more than 60%, and the composition of polyester is less than 40%. So, which of the two fabrics, "polyester-cotton" and "cotton-polyester" is better? This depends on the preferences and actual needs of customers. In other words, if you want a shirt with more characteristics of polyester fabric, choose "polyester cotton", and if you want more cotton characteristics, choose "cotton polyester". Polyester-cotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton, and feels less comfortable than cotton. Wearing and not as absorbent as cotton.

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