Suppliers Shandong Lvte Air-Conditioning System Co., Ltd. Water source heat pump unit (industrial waste heat used central air conditioning system)
Details for China Water source heat pump unit (industrial waste heat used central air conditioning system)

Water source heat pump unit (industrial waste heat used central air conditioning system)

Water source heat pump unit (industrial waste heat used central air conditioning system)
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MOQ: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T
Production Capacity: according to the order
Packing: wooden cases
Delivery Time: 135 Set/Sets per Month
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Product Detail
  • Type: industial heat pump
  • Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
  • Mounting: Floor Standing
  • Certification: CE, ISO, CRAA
  • Model Number: LTLHG- LTLHG-
  • Operating Voltage: 3/N/PE AC380V/220V 50HZ/60HZ...
  • Brand Name: LUTE
Detailed Product Description

1)Waste heat utilization
2)obtain 65-85 centigrade hot water
3)exclusive controller
4)famous compressor used

Water source heat pump unit  (industrial waste heat type central air conditioning system) 

Two types of this kind:

1.High temperature type(75°C)

Cooling capacity: 72-850kw

Heating capacity: 135-1696kw

2.Ultra-high temperature (85°C)

Heating capacity: 54-1557kw


Compressor Brand: American Copeland (or other brand as per request)

Power:  3/N/PE AC380V/220V 50HZ (can be changed as per request)

Refrigerant:  Environmental protection refrigerants LT02 for 75°C and LT01 for 85°C(selected by requirement)


Competitive Advantage:

1.Heat sources come from geothermal tail water, oil field waste water, industrial and domestic wastewater in the waste heat energy, after extracting heat will heat the temperature down to 20°C,discharge and recharge directly which meet the national emission standards.

2. Hot water available for 65°C to 85°C, breaking the heat pump at room temperature (45°C-50°C) water temperature bottlenecks, solves the heat pump heating shouting to replace the heating boiler.

3. Exclusive use of heat pump controller, PID regulation mode, automatic control, fault diagnosis, alarm and protection. Accurate control of cooling, heat load to ensure best operation unit.

4. Brand with the most advanced fully closed or semi-closed scroll type screw refrigeration compressors and high quality accessories. Refrigerant is made through cooperation between domestic famous universities and us.

5. Unit EER over 4.5, running costs for the heating mode of 1 / 4 to 1 / 3, significantly lower than the fuel machine, gas central heating and other means, without environmental impact of the weather.

6. Application: hotels, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, theaters, stadiums, residential quarters, textile, food, medicine, metallurgy, chemicals and boiler works etc.


Note1: High temperature type(75°C)

1.Unit cooling capacity and compressor power consumption calibration conditions: chilled water inlet temperature 13°C, outlet water temperature 8°C,Cooling water inlet temperature 30°C, outlet water temperature is 35°C.

2.Unit heating capacity and compressor power consumption calibration conditions: hot water inlet temperature 63 °C,outlet water temperature 70 °C,Cooling water inlet temperature 37°C, outlet water temperature 30°C;The maximum outlet water temperature up to 75°C.

3. When the cooling water temperature is different from the calibrate mode range, please according to the design performance curves to select their unit refrigeration / heat and power consumption.

Note 2: Ultra-high temperature (85°C)

1.Unit heating capacity and compressor power consumption calibration conditions:    Cooling water inlet temperature 50°C, outlet water temperature is 45°C;  Hot water inlet temperature 75°C outlet water temperature 80°C; The maximum water temperature up to 85°C;

2. When the water temperature range is different from the calibration conditions, please press the button to select the revision coefficient of thermal parameters of its unit heating capacity and power consumption.





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