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Sewing filter bag machine

Sewing filter bag machine
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  • Place of Origin: china
  • Brand Name: SFF
  • Model Number: SFF
  • Sewing filter bag machine: Sewing filter bag machine
Detailed Product Description

antomatic sewing production line consist of 5 parts:

1.material antomatic feeding

2.atuomatic sewing

4.antomatic metering and cross cutting

5.main control unit


SFFilter offered the automatic tubing sewing line is the special sewing machine for the filter bag tube,it has the good performance of continuously production,high effective ,low labor intensity,low cost of maintenance, which is special design for the needle punched filter bag fabricated mills


the size of the machine:17m*1.54m*1.95m

the weight of the machine:650kg

the sewing running speed:>7m/min

other instruction:

1.the whole is controlled by electrical ,no need for the air compressor additional plus

2.the length of the bag is controlled by the photoelectrics switch which has the very fast reaction,the tolerance of the bag length is +/-2mm

3.the main sewing pars is uded the JUKI35800DRU which can run stabilization,auto lubricated, the needle gage is 3.2/3.3mm, and it can be adjusted.

4. the feeding ,storing,cutting,and unloading systems all running automatic, without manual work.

5.the customer can choose whether you need to install the cooling device



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