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Since Changbo Hardware Decorations factory was founded in 1998, we have got lots of supports from our customers. Through advanced production method and art of edging equipment, Changbo has provided lots of qualified products for our customers; at the same time, Changbo also experienced great development. Up to now, we have become a famous company in hardware and adornment fields. Our products include hardware adornment, chest adornment, shoe adornment, belt lacer, button, diamond, stone ironing , pearl embroidery type , resin type & toy fitting. During our operation, Changbo always puts it philosophy into each procedure of workings; through strict QC system, perfect QA system and reinforced staffs' quality, Changbo are trying its best to provide perfect service to customers. Therefore, Changbo has got good benefits from society and economy. Changbo on here thanks friends for support

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Company Name: Guangzhou Baiyun Xinshi Changbo Hardware Decorations Factory 
Company Address: 8 Yuanxiadi, Jiangsha Sishe Industrial zone, Huangshilu, Guangzhou, China 
Contact Person: (G.M)Liu Jianbo 
Telephone Number: +86-20-86469157 86469167 86469177 
Mobile: 13609009728 
Fax Number: +86-20-86438226