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  • Shangyu Guangming Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Shangyu Guangming Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Shangyu Fine Chemical Zone. Since its establishment in 1986, we have become a manufacturer specialized in environment-friendly, mid/high-end acid, basic and direct dyestuffs. The
  • Ningjin Tianshun Textile Auxiliary Co., Ltd.

    As a specialized manufacturer of textile auxiliaries, mechanical chemicals and petrochemical products, Now, all our products can meet the leading standards in this trade. Moreover, we establish close business partnerships with rel
  • Hangzhou Linan Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd.

    We are a professional manufacturer of chemical and dyeing & printing auxiliaries for non-woven fabrics. Main products include adhesive-101, acrylates HF, highly effective antifoaming agent SL-108, thickener MG-201, catalyzer MG-30
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan Shangcheng Huajian Trading Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1990, it is a company professionally trading dyes, chemical raw materials, chemical reagent, glacial acetic acid and liquid alkali. Main Products: sodium acetate, oxalic acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium phosphate t
  • Herst International Group

    It is one of the most world-famous chemical industry product providers. Famous products include: anti uv agent, fire retardant, sweat absorption and permeability finishing agent, vitamin finishing agent, perfume capsule, non-forma
  • Hangzhou Jiuding Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Our company is a technological enterprise specializing in research, development, sales and operation of industrial auxiliary agents.Products are Pre-treatment auxiliary agents,Scouring agent,Penetrant,Scour,Dyeing auxiliary agents
  • Dongguan Sanchuan Textile Auxiliary Agent Factory

    Dongguan Sanchuan Textile Auxiliary Agent Factory is a complex chemical enterprise specializing in the research, production, trade and service of printing auxiliary agent, dyeing auxiliary agent and washing auxiliary agent of wool
  • Yantai Yuanming Chemical Co., Ltd

    As a complex enterprise, Yuanming specializes in the production and technical development of textile auxiliary, industrial and civil detergent, daily cosmetic, leather auxiliary and metal cleanser; we also sell the materials of dy
  • Shanghai Kenduola Candle Co., Ltd.

    The company adopts import high-quality raw material and foreign formula to produce all kinds of wax rings(wax blocks, Wax circle, Knitting wax, Textile emulsifying wax) which are used on the yarn and thread.
  • AlabamaPigmentsCompany

    producer of black and natural red iron oxide pigments
  • ALPSIndustriesLtd.

    manufactures natural dyes and naturally colored cotton products, and dyes fibers and yarns,
  • ApolloChemicalCorporation

    supplier of textile chemicals.
  • B.R.Group

    distributing pigments, dyes, and other chemical productsv
  • ChemicalFactoryTriade

    makes dyestuffs and pigments for the textile, paper, and leather industries.
  • ChinaWelltonChemicalCo.Ltd.

    providing organic pigment, pigments printing paste, dispersion dye, and more.
  • AkzoNobelBV

    Multi-national manufacturing corporation, active in healthcare products, coating, chemicals, nonwovens and fibers. Resins and chemicals for the textile, nonwovens and papermaking industries.
  • BGPolymers,Ltd

    Acrylic emulsions and additives for the construction, paint, printing, textile and nonwovens industries. Resins and binders for fiber processing.
  • ChangshuShanyangChemicalCo.,Ltd

    The product includes three series:latex used for weaving or coating,combined pulp,which received high reputation from the market of Zhejiang,Jiangsu,Shanghai.
  • Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc

    One of the leading companies in the chemical industry.
  • AlliedIndustrialCorp.,Ltd.

    Production focus to the manufacture of disperse dyestuffs.
  • AlchonIndustryCo.Ltd.

    A Korea-based fermentation chemical company which plays, despite its relatively young history, a leading role in the Sodium Gluconate market of the world.
  • AcetexChimieS.A.

    The Activities of Acetex Chimie, a subsidiary of Acetex Corporation, are centred on the production and marketing of acetic acid and its derivatives.
  • AcetexCorporation

    Europe second largest producer of acetic acid and polyvinyl alcohol and third largest producer of vinyl acetate monomer. These chemicals and their derivatives are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive, constructio
  • BeijingChemicalIndustrialCollegeRushanCooperationChemicalFactory

    We mainly produce auxiliary agents of plastic, color base granule, printing ink, paper making, textile and clothes and fishing net process.
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