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  • Beijing Richman International

    cashmere fibre, cashmere yarn, cashmere sweater, cashmere jumper,cashmere cardigan, cashmere pullover, cashmere pants, cashmere gloves, cashmere shawl, cashmere scarf

    Our "Yimengxue" brand products, namely rabbit hair , Rabbit down, woolen silk yarns, oak silk, cashmere wool etc. are sold and well-received not only in China, but also in 40 other counties and regions.
  • Jiangsu Hengri Textile Co., Ltd.

    Our company's mainly engaged in the manufacture of woolen tops and yarns,multiple varieties and high quality.Main products are Wool/Acrylic Yarns,Bulkwed Wool/Acrylic Yarns , Tencel Wool/Acrylic Yarns ,mercerized Wool/Acrylic Yarn
  • Shijiazhuang Sanxing Feather Processing Co.,Ltd.

    We offer assorted combed wool in different colors and specifications as well as goat hair, carded yak hair, camel hair, and wool cashmere.

    Manufacturer of fabrics for dresses, taileurs and coats.

    High quality fabrics traditional (also jacquards and sateens) and fashionable with technical aspects (coating and special finishings)both plain and fancies, for suits, dresses and coats.

    All wool worsted fabrics, extrafine. Plain and fancy washable merino extrafine fabrics (ECOWASH).Special finishings on classic and crepe qualities.
  • Inner Mongolia Alpas Cashmere Co.,Ltd.

    A joint venture company with total assets of USD20 million,and annual production capacity of 130m/t cashmere yarn and 300,000pcs cashmere sweaters.
  • Kunshan Baiyi Knitted Wear Co., Ltd.

    we are a private company, and specialize in the design, production, development & sales of four seasons' sweater and woollen sweater.
  • Inner-Mongolia Dongda Cashmere Goods Co., Ltd

    Main productiona: cashmere sweaters, carded cashmere, dyed cashmere goods, 1,000 tons of scoured wool, wool spun yarn (16S/1-28S/2) and worsted wool yarn(48S/2-120S/2).
  • Kyung Nam Wool Textile co. LTD.

    Has been korea's wool textile industry leader for the past forty years.
  • ChinaHangzhouWanxiangDownProductsCo.,Ltd

    we are specialized in producing high quality down and feather products, silk floss and computer controlled quilting products, washed feather and down materials, etc.
  • ColomerGroup

    Manufacturers and traders of sheep, goat, lamb, pigskins in raw, pickled, wet-blue, crust and finished. Suitable for clothing, footwear, gloving and leathergoods.
  • AlliedFeather&DownCo.,Ltd

    Processors of hand and machine picked, white and grey, washed, sterilised and disinfected goose and duck down. Also, ready-made bedding products and garments.
  • Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Xinfang Group

    colored checked wool, velour wool, scotch tweed, frosty wool, woolen mossa, fleece series and more.
  • Linea Tessile Italiana

    Fabrics for young wear. printed-embroidered-jacquards yarn dyed. We use wool-mohair-alpaca and blended.
  • KunQing Plush Co., Ltd.

    The company has been adopting new production machinery and technologies from Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and specializes in producing blacketry, carpet, bed collections, ermine-imitated garment materials, plush cloth etc.
  • Jiangsu Shenzhou Woolen Co., Ltd.

    A production enterprise is specialized in producing worsted fabrics and wool yarn.
  • Jiaxing Licheng Wool Spinning Co., Ltd.

    The company is specialized in manufacturing and distributing various woolen cloth, fleece, wool yarn and garment.
  • Jiangsu Ouqiao Worsted Co.,Ltd.

    The company yearly produces "Ouqiao" brand worsted wool fabric of 2.3 million meters, woolen fabrics of 200 thousand meters and "Snow Goose" brand acrylics knitted yarn of over 1200 tons.
  • Liaocheng Jinwei Textiles Co., Ltd.

    We are mainly engaged in production of woolen fabrics. Besides, we also deal with processing and production of garments, knitting yarns, blankets, textile chemicals and plastic.
  • Jiangsu Huaxi Worsted Factory

    Our company belongs to Jiangsu Huaxicun Stock Co., Ltd. and is specialized in producing pure wool、blend fabrics and other wool fabrics.
  • Jiangsu Diemei Group

    we can produce 4 million meters of spinning woolen cloths, 2 million meters of slub woolen cloths, 1,200 tons of knitting yarns and 0.5 million pieces of sweaters every year.
  • Luyin Investment Group Shandong Wool & Cashmere Products Co.,Ltd.

    Our company is subsidiary to Luyin Investment Group(listed company). With a registered capital of RMB 100 million, it mainly produces, processes and sells cashmere products.
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