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  • TAYA Machinery Corp

    TAYA Machinery Corp. was founded in 1969 and highly recognized as a company specialized in manufacturing Weaving PreparatoryMachinery.Our main products includes Sizing Machine,Dyeing with Sizing Machine,Warping Machine,Beaming Mac
  • ShangHai Key Cheng Printing Machinery Company Limited

    It is a specialized provider of printing machines and parts, and owner of related patent technologies as well. Now, Key Cheng is a leading brand in the world.
  • Foshan Xinyicheng Automatical Co., Ltd.

    Founded on July 3, 2003, The company is an enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing and trade of Control computers for dyeing machines.Xinyicheng has developed 4 generations (XYC-8829, XYC-8933, XYC-9000/8800, XYC
  • Guangdong Zhongshan Liyuan Machinery Factory

    we have committed ourselves to the R & D and manufacture of various dye jiggers,Our products, namely AWE-132 Autocompnic Frequency Dye Jigger and S1900 Dye Jigger are manufactured with advanced technologies, and can save energy by
  • Taizhou Dyeing & Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Our products include: kinds of singeing machines: It can be used in the process of cotton, chemical fiber, blending and knitting fabrics; Cooking-bleaching combination machine, pressing-drying machine, washing-drying machine
  • Shanghai Realcolor Dyeing Tecn.,Ltd.

    Shanghai Realcolor Dyeing Tecn.,Ltd. uses advanced equipments and technologies from South Korea, Europe and the US, and boasts top-notch professionals very experienced in printing & dyeing area. We provide the domestic printing &
  • Jiangsu Jingjiang Xinwang Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Factory

    We are engaging in dyeing and finishing machinery. In recent years, the factory pays great attention to technologic innovation, and emphasizes the mastery of modern advanced technology.

    It is concentrate on the industry automation measure to control, the calculator supervision and the calculator network management of research, development, produce to is an integral whole high with sale new technique business ente
  • Foshan Jiexing Textiles Dyeing & Finishing Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    They have kept improving the dyeing & finishing proess flow and independently developed a series of advanced equipments . Main products are Jiexing AF-1 sample dyeing m.c.,Jiexing end-product cloth checking machine , Jiexing slitt
  • Qingzhou huaqiang textile printing and dyeing machinery limited company

    Our company have invented and developed six series of main products, they are: the rotary screen printing machinary FY series, Flat screen making equipment FY series, stirring machinary FY series, Dyeing jigger FY series, Drying c
  • Yixing Fengda Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Yixing Fengda Cloth Clip Mill is located at west of Yixing near the State 104 Highway. Yixing city has always been known for its long history of pottery manufacturing and is called "Capital of Pottery", but sometimes it is also re
  • AsiaKingdomMachineryIndustryCo.,Ltd.

    manufacturers of fabric dyeing equipment.
  • Redman Card Clothing Co., Inc

    Manufacturers of raising fillets and metallic wire for textile finishing machinery. Also, consulting for fabric finishing and development.
  • CoatemaEngineeringGmbH

    Versatile textile machinery manufacturers. Finishing and converting systems. Coating, printing and lamination lines. Heating systems and units. Laboratory and process inspection equipment.
  • BSTPROMark

    Multi-national manufacturing company. On-line video web inspection systems for the nonwovens, packaging, printing and converting industries. Also, bar code verification and ink metering equipment. Detailed product information. Par
  • AllstatesTextileMachineryInc.

    Supplier of many different types of used equipment such as yarn manufacturing, dyeing and finishing, waste reclamation, and nonwovens.
  • ChienLunMachineryCo.,Ltd.

    A leading manufacturer specializing in textile finishing machine, shearing machine, sueding & raising machine.
  • Heshan Perfect Dyeing Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

    Perfect has been devoting itself to development and production of textile dyeing & finishing machineries. Main products are Laboratory equipments, Various dyeing machines and dryers, Various finishing machines. Our company's most
  • código de barras bidimensional sat

    La empresa ofrece servicios de códigos de barras crea inteligente y confiable de la biblioteca de códigos de barras etiquetas a granel, etiqueta, etiquetas y cupones en su propio patrón.
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