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Chengdu Combing Cotton Textile Co., Ltd., formerly named Chengdu No. Textile Factory, is a specialized developer and manufacturer of cotton textiles, particularly natural colorful cotton products. It is Sichuan Province that is only devoted to the product development of natural colored cotton environmental protection , environmental protection type enterprise developed , produced , sold too. We own 2 sole subsidiaries and 4 joint-stock subsidiaries. Equipments we employ include: 60,000 ring spindles, 16,000 twisting spindles, 8 combing ranges, 2,320 rotor spinners, 621 looms, and more. We offer cotton yarns, fabrics and knit products, detailed as follows. . 6-80D carded/combed cotton and blended yarns; brand name: Yinta, Sanfeng; production capacity: 8,000T per year . 90-360cm cotton greige, knit and geotechnical fabrics; brand name: Baixiang; production c

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Company Name: Chengdu Combing Cotton Textile Co., Ltd., 
Company Address: No 706 wannian building ,Wannian street Chengdou city 
Contact Person: Xie Guochun, Kan Zhen 
Telephone Number: 028-82065572, 84322239 
Mobile: +86-13882101575, +86-13908033094 
Fax Number: +86-28-84322239