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Founded in 1998, Pujiang Pufang Trade Co.,Ltd. is located in Pujiang of Zhejiang province. Originally founded as Pujiang Textile Factory, our company mainly produces polyester cotton yarn, purified cotton yarn and T/C knitting pile yarn.

Original key products are polyester cotton products, which can not meet the demand for years. Meanwhile, our company has developed linen, ramie products in the recent two years. Our products are well sold for their exquisite manufacturing technique and excellent quality. And for their environment-friendly textile materials, they are more and more sold. The more important is our company's new production line and production method are in the leading position in the country, which are different from those of local traditional weaving enterprises. Giving priority to clients and mutual benefit, our company has established and maintained long-term and stable cooperative relationships with clients, to avoid risks and develop soundly in common. In the enterprise' strategy plan, our company will strengthen product systematization, deepen level of processing, and pay more attention to the research and development of technology and products as well as quality test. We will continue to perfect client service and further improve anti-risk abilities.

Our company has over 2,000 rotor spindles, and is equipped with advanced environment-friendly filter equipment and humidity and temperature control system. Our company mainly produces purified cotton 6S-21S, linen cotton 4.6S-16S and T/C 8S-16S, with a yearly production capacity of over 8,000t. The building area for production use reaches more than 6,000 square meters. Our company has 15,000 ring-spinning frames, which mainly produces knitting pile yarn 6S-21S, veil 16S-32S, with a yearly production capacity of over 3,000t. Production area reaches 4,000 square meters.

With the construction of the new workshop and residence hall in 2006, our company has adjusted production and management strategy. We are actively developing international market on the basis of domestic market. We are trying to make our registered brand - "Pufang" a provincially famous one. Currently our company has fixed assets of RMB 120 million. We will continue to increase fixed assets and expand its scale to make the company develop to a new stage. With the enterprise' continuous development, our company will become an integrative modern one encompassing spinning and weaving.

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Company Name: Pujiang Pufang Trade Co., Ltd. 
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