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Founded in 1991, Shanghai Xinfujie Craft Embroidery Corp. is a specialized manufacturer of non-woven cloths and bedclothes, it has four sections now: The official section is located in 4F, 300#, Shuangfenglu, Xuhui, Shanghai, China; the factory (The sub factory of Xinfujie is located at 658# Gudajie, Chonggu, Qingpu, Shanghai, China; The Shanghai Huifu Non-woven Cloth Manufacturing Factory and Shanghai Yangyang Textile Co.,Ltd. is located at Huian Village, Wuqiao, Fengxian, Shanghai, China) with 39mu of lands, 26,800sqm of factory buildings, 101 equipment (including 4 production lines of silk-like cotton, non-glue cotton and hollow cotton, 4 computer quilting machines, 16 mechanical quilting machines, 2 needle-checking machines and 60 electric sewing machine) and complete production system of hollow cotton and bedclothes. Presently, our factory is the most powerful production base in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions; meanwhile, our products have been well-received and highly appraised by our customers in China, EU, USA and Southeast Asia.

There are 260 employees inside Xinfujie now, Xinfujie now mainly produces and sells silk-like cotton, Spray-bonded cotton, loose cotton, soft cotton, hard cotton, far infrared cotton, non-glue cotton, Needle-punched cotton, antiseptic cotton, fire-retarding cotton, negative ion multi-layer hollow fiber composite cotton, air filtration material and bedclothes. Moreover, Xinfujie also offers multi-needle quilting bedclothes series.

The most remarkable features of our products include: Light weight, soft feeling, good warming ability, washing-proof, mildewproof, good elasticity and bounce impact force, can be used as replacer of natural floss silk and down feather and good price. Our products can be used in the production of garments and bedclothes.

There are leading equipment and experienced technicians working for Xinfujie now; besides, through adopting ISO9002 system into our daily operation, we are trying our best to meet your demands and expand our market; we hope this system can help us installing a good business surrounding and hel us offering quality product and excellent service to customers all over the world.

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Company Name: Shanghai Xinfujie Craft Embroidery Corp. 
Company Address: 4F, 300#, Shuangfenglu, Xuhui, Shanghai, China 
Zip: 200030 
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