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With nearly thirty years of experience, Tianjin Textile Group Import & Export Inc. (TTGIE) is one of the largest trading companies in China, honored as China Top 500, Tianjin Top 10 in import and export for many years respectively. Since our founding in 1985, we have diversified our product line to now including garments, beddings, 100% spun polyester yarn, fabric, shoes, luggage, bicycles, furniture etc. .   TTGIE has emphasized the enterprise cultural construction and talent echelon cultivation. Nowadays, the company staff are all highly skilled professionals, which formed a solid foundation for further development. In addition, we have certified ISO9001 in 2003 and honored as one of Tianjin's top enterprises. We have reached USD 1 billion annual import and export value. If you have any further product inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward

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Tianjin Textile Group Import & Export Inc.
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Company Name: Tianjin Textile Group Import & Export Inc. 
Company Address: No.3 Yunnan Road,Tianjin,China 
Contact Person: Amelie 
Telephone Number: 022-27833613 
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