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  • GA615 Power Loom Parts

     Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. provides various types and specifications of shuttle loom (crank shaft, bending shaft) F40 of various specifications.ga615 Power Loom Parts Fender Stay F40 Shuttle Loom (Crank Shaft),The ove

  • Stainless Steel Reeds Made To Order

     Huixian Xinda Textile machinery accessories specialized in the production of stainless steel manual reeds for 20 years, with rich experience and mature technology.Stainless Steel Reeds Made To Order, We support stainless steel manual reed manuf

  • Shuttle Loom Wooden shuttle and Nylon shuttle

    Our company can make all kinds of wooden shuttle [with pulley] for hand loom, which belongs to textile equipment products. There are two pulleys at the bottom of the shuttle for sliding, which can reduce the resistance of the shuttle in the process o

  • Textile Buffer And Loom Buffer

     Textile leather 1515-277 textile leather ring and loom buffer ring are made of rubber.B404 BUFFER,B411 LOOM BUFFER,Textile Buffer And Loom Buffer,The inner length of the leather ring is 277mm, which is suitable for export 1515 loom equipment. E

  • Nylon Steel Wire Heald

     XD textile accessories long-term professional provision of steel wire heald | stainless steel wire | 12" nylon heddle | 11" steel wire heald | shuttle weaving machine materials, tin and steel wire heald, nylon 1010 wrapped heald, cott

  • GA615 Type Shuttle Loom Parts

     GA615 type shuttle loom parts and dobby loom ,multi shuttle loom parts,weaving machine spare parts,our company can supply GA615 shuttle loom and parts,textile accessories,textile machinery parts. We provide 1511 textile machine parts, the sley

  • Automatic shuttle changing shuttle

     our company can supply Automatic shuttle changing shuttle,Xinxiang City Xinda Textile Machinery Parts Co.Ltd,the company's main 1511, 1515, 1515K and GA615 type weaving machine accessories and equipment,provide shuttle textile accessories,acces

  • China shuttle loom parts

     Xinxiang City Xinda Textile accessories to provide domestic various parts mainly loom GA615, 1511, 1515 (with the number, name, specifications, materials, assembly, installation, height, number), China shuttle loom parts,the shuttle magazine fl

  • Textile accessories (with loom parts)

    Xinxiang City Xinda Textile accessories to provide long-term 343mm (13.5 inches) composite nylon shuttle |TS-7 red complex shuttle | export nylon shuttle loom textile accessories, machine parts, nylon shuttle two-sided composite technology, PU chuck

  • 56 inches shuttle loom parts

    We can supply 56 inches shuttle loom parts,1515 and GA615 woven fabric machine introduction Transmission mechanism: 1, transmission mode: single motor V-belt drive 2, control mode: single side switch control clutch and brake device. 3, clutch type