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Berberine extraction resin

Berberine extraction resin
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 Berberine is an important alkaloid that can be extracted from plants such as berberine, cork, and three needles. It has a remarkable bacteriostatic effect. Berberine can fight against pathogenic and inhibit various bacteria such as dysentery bacilli, tuberculosis, pneumococcal bacteria, typhoid bacillus and diphtheria bacilli. It is commonly used to treat gastrointestinal diseases such as bacterial gastroenteritis and dysentery. .

The berberine extraction resin provided by Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co., Ltd. can effectively adsorb berberine, has large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption rate, strong selectivity, no other impurities, ethanol desorption, desorption and regeneration process is simple, the resin itself High mechanical strength, low dissolution rate, long service life, economical and practical.
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