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Air to water heat pump

Air to water heat pump
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MOQ: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Production Capacity: 30 DAYS
Delivery Time: 250 Set/Sets per Month
Product Detail
  • Type: central air conditioning system
  • Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)
  • Mounting: Floor Standing
  • Certification: CE CRAA ISO
  • Model Number: LTWF-
  • Operating Voltage: 3/N/PE AC380V/220V 50HZ/...
  • Brand Name: LUTE
Detailed Product Description

air to water heat pump
1.saving water for using air cooling tower
3.make cooling and heating
4.protect enviornment

air to water heat pump

Cooling capacity: 9.8 ~ 526.1kw

Heating capacity: 11.2 ~ 578.7kw

Compressor: Imports Flexible all closed scroll OR screw type (selected by requirements)

Refrigerant: R22

Power: 380V 50HZ 3/N/PE


Competitive Advantage

1. Using inexhaustible source of air as cold and heat resources by electric drive, so that low-grade energy can change into high-grade energy. No pollution, save water, and also avoid water sources pollution.

2. Adopt microcomputer control system, it has display, control and protect functions. Human interface operation, control unit operating status at any time.

3.No cooling tower, cooling water pipeline and the engine room, easy installation, civil engineering investment; no fuel, fully automatic operation, running a small additional cost; unit processor connected with central air conditioning, summer cooling and winter heating, heating do not need a separate heating station.

4. Heat recovery technology, it realizes part water cooled with a water-cooled unit high efficiency features, both for free hot water from using waste heat, waste heat emissions reduced directly to protect the environment and improve unit efficiency and reduce the failure rate, extend working life.

5. Low noise axial flow fan, compressor with vibration damping devices, low noise.

Unit modular design which can meet any combination of sizes, transportation, installation and convenient maintenance, adopts unique pipeline design to ensure the crew in winter temperature -15 still be able to run.

6. Application areas: Apply for air-conditioned building with 300-15000sq area, particularly urban downtown lots or water stress areas; if they are not allowed or difficult to install the cooling tower boiler, the product type is the best choice. Also for noise environment and old air conditioning renovation projects, and provide cold water for process air conditioning, cooling equipment



1. cooling capacity / heat capacity is QR22. When using R134a, its cooling capacity / heat capacity is the QR134a ≈0.85 QR22, when using R407C, its Cooling capacity / heat capacity is the QR407C ≈0.9 QR22.

2. Heat recovery system is the matching content.

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