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Jiangyin Gold Valley Textile Machinery Ltd. is an industrial and trade enterprise combining production and sale as a whole, covering a floor area of 10,000 square meters, with five workshops, over 120 sets of crochet machines, 20 sets of chenille machines and 5 sets of twisting machines. Our company specializes in producing fancy yarns of all specs (nylon yarns, polyester feather yarns, oblique yarns, centipede-like yarns, pinaster yarns, tape yarns, special yarns, orbit yarns, eyelash yarns, ladder yarns, toothbrush yarns, color yarns, dragonfly yarns, lantern yarns, various big-belly yarns and hand-crocheted yarns). Chenille machines produce chenille yarns of various counts. Twisting machines produce loop yarns, TT yarns and napped yarns of various counts. Our products are widely used for medium and high-grade outside knitting materials, weave silks, carpets, bath robes, sh

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Jiangyin Gold Valley Textile Machinery Ltd.
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Company Name: Jiangyin Gold Valley Textile Machinery Ltd. 
Company Address: Huangtai Village Yunting Town, Jiangyin city,China 
Zip: 214404 
Contact Person: Mr. Huiguo Miao 
Telephone Number: 86-510-86596885 
Mobile: 8613706165880 
Fax Number: 86-510-86596885 
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