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Shaoxing County Ke Yan feeder Keqiao printing plant in south China Textile City,State-level scenic east Ke Yan,Nearly rely on 104 State Road,Hang-Yong、Hu Yong、the Qu Expressway and is very accessible。Large-scale use of a new generation of plant products, with imports blanket transfer printing machine、Ginning machine、Large-scale printing machine (1.6 - 2.8 m)、Without rules Since Crepe。Professional production transfer printing paper series、Clothing zoned kind of paper,Various processing tablecloths、Cloth bags、Pillows、Aprons、Cloth pockets、Accounts shelf、Sofa fabrics、Apparel Fabrics、Decoration Cloth、Various military camouflage Series。And textiles、Knitwear、Chemical fiber cloth、Without rules Since Crepe、The bumpy printed cloth、Straight Cashmere Since Crepe Printing、TC cloth printing。At the same time undertake various external cloth fabrics、Silk Fabrics、Accessories such as printing、Ginning、Without rules Since Crepe Business。Companies“Quality First、the credibility paramount、and at reasonable prices、timely delivery”as its purpose,to win the broad masses of old and new customers at home。As general manager of Portland-warm welcome friends from guiding presence,Buy Online!

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Company Name: Shaoxing Ke Yan feeder printing Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: Shaoxing County, Zhen-Ya Wu Tang Industrial Zone (Westinghouse elevator) 
Contact Person: Lan Chengrong 
Telephone Number: 0575-84313705 13706752131 
Mobile: 13706752131  13335780868 
Fax Number: 0575-84315016  
QQ: 291428818 
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