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Haining Jiafeng Textile Co.,Ltd. is located in Maoqiao of Haining City, which is in the China Warp Knitting Park in Haining, a city known for the magnificent Qiantang tides. The private-owned enterprise was established in August 2006, with a total asset of RMB35 million, covering 30,000 square meters. The enterprise has 10 sets of world's top-class warping machines and beaming machines such as KARLMAYER's HKS3. The major products of the enterprise are super-soft Short hair velvet, loop velvet, velveteen, mercerized velvet, striped velvet, clinquant velvet, spandex stretch fabrics and mesh fabrics as well as fabrics for high-grade garments, automobiles, toys and decorative materials. Among these products, the plain-color foil printed suede and the super-soft short hair velvets are the leading products of the enterprises. Unique techniques and artistic designs are employed to create the i

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Company Name: Haining Jiafeng Textile Co.,Ltd. 
Company Address: 6 Jingdushi Rd., Haining Warp-knitting Park, Haining, Zhejiang, China. 
Zip: 313220 
Contact Person: Manager Yu  
Telephone Number: +86-573-87986833 
Mobile: +86-13806702391 
Fax Number: +86-573-87986818