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Lenzing welcomes new core shareholderSuzano S/A

2024-06-13 09:03:39 Lenzing

Lenzing–The Lenzing Group, a leading supplier of regenerated cellulose fibers for the textile and nonwovensindustries, learned today that Lenzing's main shareholder B&C Group and the Brazilian pulp producer SuzanoS/A have signed a long-term partnership in connection with the majority stake in Lenzing. As part of thisagreement, Suzano S/A will take over a 15 percent stake in Lenzing AG from B&C Group. Suzano is the world'slargest pulp producer based in Sao Paolo and recently achieved annual sales of more than EUR 7 billion.

Lenzing's management welcomes the proposed transaction and looks forward working with another coreshareholder.

Stephan Sielaff, Chief Executive Officer of the Lenzing Group, says:“Lenzing and Suzano are two companiesthat have come to know and appreciate each other in recent years as relevant players on the international pulpmarket. Based on the core competencies in the area of pulp production and operational excellence, Suzano canmake a valuable contribution to the successful implementation of our strategy. For us, the constellation of thetwo strong core shareholders B&C Group and Suzano S/A is definitely a win.”

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