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Iohexol extraction adsorption resin

Iohexol extraction adsorption resin
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 Iohexol is a raw material for water-soluble, non-ionic X-CT contrast agents produced by pharmaceutical companies. The trade name for this contrast agent is Orna Parker. This contrast agent is usually injected into the vein before CT diagnosis, for angiography, urinary system, spinal cord and femoral joint, lymphatic angiography, low contrast density, low toxicity, good tolerance, etc. One of the contrast agents is also a diagnostic drug.

The macroporous adsorbent resin (Iodyl alcohol extraction and adsorption special resin) provided by Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co., Ltd. can extract high-purity iohexol, has large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption rate, simple equipment, mild operating conditions and repeatability. Use, cost saving, high mechanical strength of the resin, suitable for industrial large-scale production.
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