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  • Beijing ZhongHaiHengTai Sci-Tech and Trading Development Co., Ltd.

    ZHHT has a big sales net, many technique superiority and many able professionals, so we can also offer the products as required. With earnest affection, high-quality products, hand and foot services, ZHHT expect to exploit a new

    Our "Yimengxue" brand products, namely rabbit hair , Rabbit down, woolen silk yarns, oak silk, cashmere wool etc. are sold and well-received not only in China, but also in 40 other counties and regions.
  • Jiangsu Hengri Textile Co., Ltd.

    Our company's mainly engaged in the manufacture of woolen tops and yarns,multiple varieties and high quality.Main products are Wool/Acrylic Yarns,Bulkwed Wool/Acrylic Yarns , Tencel Wool/Acrylic Yarns ,mercerized Wool/Acrylic Yarn
  • Sichuan Hengchuang Special Fibre Company

    The company main serial product is the fine-denier covered yarn, including the specification of 2010, 2012, 2030, etc. It's main products are Wrap yarn,Fine denier urethane elastic fibre Wrap yarn,fine denier cladding yarn,Mediu
  • Tongxiang Puyuan Silk Co.,Ltd.

    Our company is specialized in producing high quality silk ball, silk slivers and spun silk etc.. With 10,000 spindles, our company can produce over 500t various kinds of silk balls, silk slivers and spun silk. With a production va
  • Haining Haifeng Twisting Co., Ltd.

    Our main products are Chinlon DTY, Reeled white semi-finished silk and Colorful cheese silk. The specifications include 30D/2, 40D/2, 50D/2, 70D/2, 100D/2, 70D/1, 100D/1, Terylene 100D, Terylene 150D, and so on. In addition, custo
  • Sichuan Antai Silk Group Co.,Ltd.

    We are mainly engaged in the manufacturing, process, sales and exportation of silk and silk products, the production of silkworm & mulberry and silkworm egg, the purchase of fresh silkworm cocoon and dried silkworm cocoon, the sal
  • Zhejiang Tongxiang Lishun Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd.

    Its major products include "Shunfeng" polyamide high stretch yarn DTY, capron nylon and colored terylene/polyamide wrapped yarn . The company boasts modern large-scale manufacturing shop,top-notch technicians, advanced equipments,
  • Shijiazhuang Sanxing Feather Processing Co.,Ltd.

    We offer assorted combed wool in different colors and specifications as well as goat hair, carded yak hair, camel hair, and wool cashmere.
  • Qingzhou Lixin Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd

    We offer every year 8,000 tons of different polyester industrial filaments, including:high strength polyester industrial filament, super high strength polyester industrial filament, high-strength low-shrinkage polyester industrial
  • Shandong Huamao Flamestop New-Material Co.,Ltd

    We are a High-tech Enterprise of Shandong (Reg. No. 13066A). We offer a whole selection of flame retardant products, from phosphorus based flame retardant to flame retardant sheet, filament, staple fibres and to flame retardant ya
  • BeijingBaiquanChemicalFibreFactory

    We are a specialized polypropylene fibre manufacturer. We offer a large selection of products, with a dozen colors optional, to customers around China. Our main products are: 75D-300D DTY, low stretch yarn; functional fibre, diffe
  • Zhejiang Yongxin Group Co., Ltd.

    The company is specialized in the manufacture of various spandex covered yarns, polyester yarn, polyamide yarn etc.

    Manufacturer of fabrics for dresses, taileurs and coats.

    High quality fabrics traditional (also jacquards and sateens) and fashionable with technical aspects (coating and special finishings)both plain and fancies, for suits, dresses and coats.
  • ChangzhouDIBATextile

    a manufacturer of warping machines, decorative fabrics, geosynthetics, geotextiles; glass fiber warp-knitted grate fabrics, high-tenacity polyester warp-knitted grate fabrics, multi-axial warp knitted fabrics.
  • Shaoxing Xinsanjiang Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd.

    Specializing in dyeing and printing of a series of natural fibrics of pure ramie or pure linen, mixed spinning and with linen and cotton, mixed spinning and interwoven fabrics of rayon, linen and cotton.
  • Derun Textile Industrial Co., Ltd.

    it is able to produce "Derun" elastic LYCRA, "Derun" cotton LYCRA and underwear cloth.

    All wool worsted fabrics, extrafine. Plain and fancy washable merino extrafine fabrics (ECOWASH).Special finishings on classic and crepe qualities.
  • Inner Mongolia Alpas Cashmere Co.,Ltd.

    A joint venture company with total assets of USD20 million,and annual production capacity of 130m/t cashmere yarn and 300,000pcs cashmere sweaters.
  • Flying Dragon Industries

    manufacturer and wholesaler of linen and blend fabrics.
  • Shaoxing Silver Bridge Weaving & Spinning Co., Ltd.

  • Kunshan Baiyi Knitted Wear Co., Ltd.

    we are a private company, and specialize in the design, production, development & sales of four seasons' sweater and woollen sweater.
  • Pnj Cotton Company.,Inc.

    A company deals with the raw cotton.
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