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    Since beginning the business as a silk fabrics manufacturing company in 1974, our company has have a good reputation here.
  • Gandong Ramie Textile Factory

    ISO9001 Certified manufacturer of long filament spinning, spun yarn spinning, ring spinning, air spinning and fabric knitting.
  • Shanxi Greenland Textiles Co., Ltd.

    A large mill mainly manufactures hemp products with natural fiber of hemp, hemp/cotton, hemp/silk, hemp/wool and hemp/tencel, and hemp/viscose.
  • Inner-Mongolia Dongda Cashmere Goods Co., Ltd

    Main productiona: cashmere sweaters, carded cashmere, dyed cashmere goods, 1,000 tons of scoured wool, wool spun yarn (16S/1-28S/2) and worsted wool yarn(48S/2-120S/2).
  • Kyung Nam Wool Textile co. LTD.

    Has been korea's wool textile industry leader for the past forty years.
  • ChinaHangzhouWanxiangDownProductsCo.,Ltd

    we are specialized in producing high quality down and feather products, silk floss and computer controlled quilting products, washed feather and down materials, etc.
  • Hangzhou Shanglu Silk C.,Ltd

    lts main products ars "ShangLu" raw silk,spun silk,chemical fiber and knitting wear etc.
  • First Hungarian Hemp Spinnery Co. Ltd.

    Hemp Spinning and Twine Manufacturing
  • All-Spec

    Distributor of static controlled workbenches and hand tools for electronic assembly.
  • CollyCottonCo

    Growing, ginning, warehousing and marketing of cotton to the global textile industry. Part of the Twynam Group
  • ColomerGroup

    Manufacturers and traders of sheep, goat, lamb, pigskins in raw, pickled, wet-blue, crust and finished. Suitable for clothing, footwear, gloving and leathergoods.
  • A.H.Hides&SkinsPty.,Ltd

    Tanners of cattle, sheep and fox hides and skins for the footwear, garment, upholstery and accessories industries. Also, regenerated leather products, from processing wastes.
  • AlliedFeather&DownCo.,Ltd

    Processors of hand and machine picked, white and grey, washed, sterilised and disinfected goose and duck down. Also, ready-made bedding products and garments.
  • AksaAkrilikKimyaSanayiAS

    Acrylic top, tow and staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Custom finishing services. On-line ordering. Part of the Akkok Group.
  • AK-PATekstilGroup

    Versatile group of manufacturing companies, active in chemicals, synthetic fibers, yarns, textile fabrics and carpets. Acrylic filament and staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Member of the AKKOK Group.
  • AlphaFlockPvt.,Ltd

    Precision cut flock fiber for furnishing and apparel fabrics, carpets, wallpaper, packaging and automotive applications, from polyamide, polyester, viscose and acrylic. Also, ground flock.
  • AnshanEastAsianCarbonFibersCo.,Ltd

    Pitch-based, general purpose, chopped and milled carbon fibers for friction materials, reinforcement, protective products and garments, and composite materials. Also, carbon paper, yarns and nonwoven fabrics. Part of Ashland Oil,
  • CargillDowPolymersLLC

    Researchers, developers and producers of polymers from naturally renewable resources. Manufacturers of man-made fiber for the textiles and nonwovens industries from polylactide polymer. The company is a joint venture between Cargi
  • AlliedSignal,Inc

    Multi-national specialty fiber manufacturer. Product line includes nylon, polyester, high-molecular weight polyethylene and polyethylene naphthalate fibers. Other high performance products are nonwoven ballistic composite fabrics
  • Biogeneral,Inc

    Development and manufacture of specialty, custom designed fibers for medical and technical applications, from a range of standard and in-house developed polymers. Also, thin wall micro tubing. Detailed product descriptions.
  • Acordis

    Multi-national manufacturing company, active in chemicals, plastics, man-made fibers and specialty materials for industrial, textiles and nonwovens, and medical and hygiene applications. Calendar of events. Global man-made fiber s
  • BeaulieuofAmerica

    Manufacturer of nylon and polypropylene fiber and filament for the carpet industry.
  • belChemFiberMaterialsGmbH

    High-temperature resistant fibers for insulation, protective and filtration applications, based on silicic acid. Also, finished woven and nonwoven products.
  • Akra

    Manufacturers of polyester and nylon staple fiber and filament for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, intermediates for nylon production and chemicals for fertilizers. Member of the Alpek Group.
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