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  • BASF

    Multi-national chemicals corporation. Manufactures fiber intermediates, nylon and melamine fibers for textile, nonwovens and industrial purposes.
  • CelaneseAG

    Manufacturer of chemicals and intermediates, acetate and polyester staple fiber and filament.
  • Brilen

    Polyester staple fiber and continuous filament yarns. Also, pre-oriented yarns (POY) and draw textured yarns (DTY), and polyester chips. Detailed description of PET (PolyEthylene Therephthalate)
  • Bex-MaruPolyester,Ltd

    Polyester staple fiber for yarn spinning applications. Also, polyester chips for draw texturized filament yarns. Part of the Beximco Group.
  • AsotaGmbh

    Manufacturers of polyolefin and polyamide staple fibers, primarily for the carpet and technical fabrics industries.
  • BonyadCo

    Natural and solution dyed polypropylene staple fiber. Also, needlepunch and tufted area rugs and carpets.
  • ABCFibers,Inc

    Fibrilated and monofilament staple fiber for crack prevention applications in concrete, from polypropylene. Part of the Alabama Bag Company, LLC.
  • AirProductsandChemicals,Inc

    Versatile, multi-national chemicals manufacturing corporation. Resins and chemicals for the nonwovens industry. The site contains a large video library, with information about the company, its products and events.
  • C.L.HauthawayCorp

    Design, development and manufacture of advanced polymers and finishing materials. Custom formulated adhesives for flocking, and back coatings and finishes for textiles, nonwovens and leather.
  • BFGoodrich

    Worldwide, versatile manufacturing corporation, active in aerospace, performance materials and engineered industrial products. Binders, chemicals and compounds for the textile, papermaking and nonwovens industries.
  • ChemdalCorp

    Multi-national manufacturer of high-performance, water soluble superabsorbent polymers (SAP) for the disposable hygienics industry, cable and wire applications, fire retardation and suppression, cosmetics and agriculture.
  • CKWitcoCorp

    Diversified, multi-national specialty chemicals manufacturer. Resins and chemicals for nonwovens processing.
  • Rishab Elastic Industries

    Narrow woven elastic tapes for the garment, footwear, bags and furnishing industries, from rubber, polypropylene, viscose, cotton and blends. Also, hook and loop tapes.
  • Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Xinfang Group

    colored checked wool, velour wool, scotch tweed, frosty wool, woolen mossa, fleece series and more.
  • AcelonChemicals&FiberCorporation

    Manufacturer of textile materials, such as nylon filament yarn( HOY, FDY, POY, DTY, ATY, SD, FD, BR, TBR), polyester filament yarn( DTY, ATY,POY,SD), nylon/ polyester conjugate spilt micro filament yarn( SD), spandex.
  • Linea Tessile Italiana

    Fabrics for young wear. printed-embroidered-jacquards yarn dyed. We use wool-mohair-alpaca and blended.

    Multi-national chemicals corporation. Manufactures fiber intermediates, nylon and melamine fibers for textile, nonwovens and industrial purposes.
  • Cordenka

    A leading producer of premium quality industrial rayon, marketed worldwide under the brand name CORDENKA.
  • CixiHuashunChemicalFibreCo.,Ltd.

    The company mainly engaged in the production of teryene staple fiber with the annual throughput of over 20,000 tons.
  • BGFIndustries,Inc.

    The preferred supplier to markets that require technically complex application of fibers made of glass, carbon, aramid and other advanced composite reinforcements.
  • KunQing Plush Co., Ltd.

    The company has been adopting new production machinery and technologies from Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan and specializes in producing blacketry, carpet, bed collections, ermine-imitated garment materials, plush cloth etc.
  • Peru Naturtex Partners

    Naturtex manufactures eco-textiles on contract for private label companies and prepares annual collections of yarns, fabrics, and apparel under our trademarked names, Pakucho, Morrope, Native Cotton and Vicuna Cotton.
  • Jiangsu Shenzhou Woolen Co., Ltd.

    A production enterprise is specialized in producing worsted fabrics and wool yarn.
  • Jiaxing Licheng Wool Spinning Co., Ltd.

    The company is specialized in manufacturing and distributing various woolen cloth, fleece, wool yarn and garment.
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